A Personal Protection Escort (PPE) service relates to the protection of an individual, family or team from one point to another point in a manner that reduces the risk or danger to the clients.

This service is generally provided to clients involved in sensitive or high risk businesses involving proprietary technology or trade in high value items or international clients that are unfamiliar with South African conditions and wish to be escorted in a manner that ensures their safety and security.

The PPE service is tailor made to the client’s requirements and specific needs. The solution would follow a detailed assessment of available intelligence, client needs and the potential threats. Following the evaluation of the risks, a suitable solution will be provided and managed by well trained Close Protection Officers.

The PPE service could include a home destination escort where our well trained CPOs would conduct home clearing and protection while you settle in, safely.

According to the unique risk profile, PPE would consist of:


  • Threat + Risk assessment
  • Protection Personnel Agents
  • Personnel Placement Program
  • Training
  • Competency Evaluations
  • Risk Management
  • Specialised Security and Protection Operations

GENESIS PROTECTION SERVICES is a specialist in personal protection providing highly skilled and experienced Close Protection Officers (CPOs) and top quality protection equipment.

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