A Personal Value Escort (PVE) is a service offered to our clients for the point-to-point transportation of high value items, cash, special materials or sensitive documents.

The service provided will be informed by a thorough assessment of the goods being transported, the transport routes and the associated risks. Once this has been evaluated a strategic plan would be presented including the suitable personnel, vehicle, equipment, technology & route for the movement of the client with their goods from point A to point B.

Generally we will not come into direct contact with the goods but rather ensure safe passage for the goods and our clients transporting the goods.

This PVE service provides our clients with the necessary protection and peace of mind while conducting their day to day activities.


  • Threat + Risk assessment
  • Protection Personnel Agents
  • Personnel Placement Program
  • Training
  • Competency Evaluations
  • Risk Management
  • Specialised Security and Protection Operations

GENESIS PROTECTION SERVICES is a specialist in personal protection providing highly skilled and experienced Close Protection Officers (CPOs) and top quality protection equipment.

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